Repairs and Modifications

If you are in the local south central Alberta area, I am available to discuss your stringed instrument’s issues in person. Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Banjos & mandolins are my specialty. Inquire about work on other instruments.

Call or text 250-421-1550 or email for a brief consultation and to arrange an appointment.  Working hours are irregular, but your call will be returned.

Examples of services available:


Re-fretting a Fender ’62 reissue Precision Bass

Setups- Optimize your instrument’s playability. Re-stringing & tuning, truss rod adjustments (critical when changing to different gauge of strings) Saddle, nut, and intonation adjustments.

Fretwork- Full or partial re-frets using your choice of new fret wire . Levelling and dressing your existing frets, or just fixing that stubborn fret that’s popped up and causing a dead note or a buzz.

Pickups- Troubleshooting, height adjustment, installation or removal. Electric or Acoustic. I am also a dealer for Highlander Pickups.

Custom Saddles and Nuts- Upgrade your instruments tone and feel with a new bone nut & saddle. Change your string spacing to better fit your hand and playing style.

Bridge re-gluing or replacement. Fix that lifting bridge on your acoustic and get your guitar playing it’s best. Custom fabricated replacement bridges.


Replacing the bridge on an old Gibson Acoustic.

Finish issues and touch-ups- I don’t  recommend repairing every little nick & scratch, nor repairing playing wear, as I think it’s a beautiful thing. However sometimes there’s a dent or  blemish that drives you nuts.  I can do everything from filling buffing out scratches, to refinishing larger portions of your instrument. I specialize in the craft of french-polish finishes.


Acoustic guitar neck-resets- Give new life to older guitars by restoring the neck geometry and thus their action & playability, which diminishes over time due to the forces of string tension.

Structural- Everything from cracks and breaks to broken pegheads. Shaving necks down, new fingerboards etc.



Badly broken peghead on a 50’s Epiphone Acoustic.


Same Peghead after repair




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