In the Workshop

In the early days of the internet, I made great use of Lynn Dudenbostel’s online F5 mandolin building photo essay, which can still be viewed here. Lynn’s photos and information helped me greatly improve my work. Later on, when I made the first Wiens mandolin website, I wanted to follow his example and show others my own way of doing things. It started out as an information-sharing page for my fellow builders,  but I’ve heard from many people who say it also interests players and anyone with an appreciation for arts & crafts.

The last version of the site had a step by step depiction of my entire building process..All except the all important finishing stage, which was never finished.  A few people let me know they were a bit bugged by that. Those who saw the old photo essay will know that It was also rediculously detailed, and in hindsight I think I over-did it. Organizing and captioning all the photos was alot of work, and it finally burned me out. I recall at the time I felt my time was better spent working on instruments, and so the project got shelved.

Cut to 2015 and this new website!  I’ve gone back over the photos and edited them down and also added new content relating to some of my new processes. To top it off, I’ve finally added the missing finishing section!

Click on the images below and have a look. I hope you enjoy the new “in the workshop” section of the Wiens mandolin webpage.

Inlaying, Staining & Finishing

Making the Pickguard & Bridge

Making the Soundbox

Making the Neck & Fingerboard

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