Late Winter Ramblings

While the Snow & Ice is still gripping the eastern parts of the country, it appears that Winter is almost over in my neck of the Woods. Spring is just around the corner and this is the time of year when I usually get into my carving & sanding more intensely. For Luthiery and any kind of delicate woodwork, this is the time of year when the heating season and it’s bone-dry lack of humidity is giving way to a more moderate climate, and I can stop working the shop humidifier so hard. It’s also a time where I want to have a couple instruments heading toward the final construction stages so I can sand and put the finish on in the spring, and have them strung and done before the muggy oppressive heat of the summer comes along.  Hehe!..I guess I’m truly a northerner because even in winter I still dread the long hot days of summer.

One cool thing that’s happened recently: My Favourite client Tom Rozum and his Partner Laurie Lewis are featured in a video on the Acoustic Guitar website this month and Tom is playing his Wiens F5 #37. Check out the video here 

As cool as that is, what is even cooler is Tom & I are currently working on making him yet another WIens F5 mandolin and he’s thinking about letting Wiens F5 #37 go to a good home. If you like what you see & hear in the video, drop Tom an email and ask about acquiring it. I’ve posted a new link to it under currently available instruments. Catch Laurie Lewis & Tom Rozum currently on tour in the western states and you’ll hear it live.

Anyway that’s all for now. Keep on pickin’



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