New Wiens Mandolin Website!

Welcome to the new Wiens mandolins website! Get a whiff of those fresh pixels! It’s gonna be a fun place to hang out, but watch your step as things are going to be under construction for a while.

It’s been 10 years since the launch of the previous Wiens website and the Internet landscape has changed drastically in that time. Smart devices and social media have completely revolutionized how we view and communicate on the web, and so this new Wiens mandolin site is designed to keep step with those changes.

The biggest change is that yours truly, Jamie Wiens, is going to be updating and maintaining this WordPress-powered website his own self. That means the site may not look quite as slick as before, but it will have more frequent updates, more pictures and will hopefully offer visitors a more intimate look into the world of Wiens mandolins, and even my own personal adventures from time to time.

Of course every update on the website will now be shared on the Facebook Wiens mandolins page. So if you wish to stay current with Wiens mandolins, look us up and “Like” us. Because you probably do right?.

Good news for those interested in the “How they’re made” section of the old Wiens mandolins site. You see, the old website had a step-by-step building section that never quite got finished, and I’ve heard from a few folks that were disappointed that it never happened. I’ve finally finished that up on this new site, so you finally get closure!

That’s all for this first inaugural post. Looking forward to the next one. Keep On Pickin’


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