Spring 2018

Hello everyone! Thanks for checking out the Wiens mandolins website once again.  It’s been awhile since I last posted and so I thought I’d let you know what’s been happening here in WiensWorld.

 Jamie Wiens has moved to Alberta! 

That’s right, Alberta..Vast, windy plains with long, cold winters… But with beautiful sunsets and good gas prices!

Many know that I was born & raised in Cranbrook BC and that I’ve lived there all my life except for a couple of years spent in Vancouver, working at Larrivee guitars…. However, like George Harrison’s song famously reminded us, “All things must pass”.

True that.

Some rough waters last year caused me to pull up stakes and begin searching for a new home and workspace. My own hometown area had few affordable options for me, but after looking around a bit, Alberta seemed to hold promise. So, I temporarily moved to Calgary and spent last summer driving around the prairies, looking at places to put down some roots.  I finally found something I liked and purchased my first home in the small town of Hanna Alberta! Spent the Fall getting moved in and my new work-space set up.

Typical Alberta skyline. Photo by John Reischman. 

So yeah, I’m over here now.

For my Alberta clients, it means I’m a lot closer to Calgary and Edmonton now.  So if you’ve got an issue with your acoustic guitar or mandolin, or you want to check out a Wiens mandolin, give me a call and come out to visit.  For my BC clients, I want to say Thank You for all your patronage and support over the years. However, I’m not really so far away, and I plan to visit the Cranbrook area several times a year, set up my tools and continue to take care of my old friends if needed.

And now for the FUN stuff….

2 new Wiens Mandolins are Available

That’s right..I presently have two new instruments available to a good home.

After the whole move to Alberta , I was pretty tuckered out and spent most of December recovering from it all. By January of this year though, my mandolin-makin’ juices were flowing again and I managed to complete several new F5 mandolins. I brought 2 of them with me to Wintergrass music festival in Bellevue Wa. in February and got to hear them played by many great players including Tom Rozum, Patrick Sauber, Adrian Gross and even the Dawg himself, David Grisman. David’s music is actually what sparked my interest in building mandolins some 25 years ago, so it was cool to come full circle and hear him play my mandolins in person.

These two instruments are presently available. They are my 45th and 46th F5 mandolins.

Wiens F5 #45 is a tribute to a March 31,1924 Fern F5, with a 1-piece back and equipped with my version of a Virzi tone producer. Silver hardware, Waverly tuners,  Cremona stain and varnish finish.

Wiens F5 #46 is a tribute to a July 9, 1923 F5 with a 2-piece back. It’s triple side-bound like Bill Monroe’s famous F5, Waverly tuners, lighter tobacco sunburst and varnish finish.

Wiens F5 #45 on the left and #46 on the right.

Wiens F5 #45 (left) with it’s one-piece back. #46 on the right with a spiral 2-piece

More photos of these instruments will be available soon. In the mean team don’t hesitate to contact me for more details.  Anyway that’s it for now.



  1. Doug Crawley

    Always enjoy your updates Jamie. Glad things are going well. Your mandolins are so awesome. Thanks again for your wonderful repair to my Larrivee D-09 which you restored so well. I enjoy it everyday.

  2. Mike payne

    Hi Jamie , have just found your posts re Wien Mandolins ; they look awesome , I live in the UK ar3 they available here . or will they be in the future?
    I currently play an Ovation mm68 built in Hartford USA , It has served me well for the last 20 years , but looking at your Wien mandolins is just like falling in love all over again , any information you can send me re availability and costs would be useful


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