Wiens F5 #42 Gold Fern

Have a look at Wiens F5 #42, signed & dated October 30th, 2015. It’s my best stab at a replica of a 1924 gold fern Loar. The later ’24 Loars are known to be more refined in their construction and appointments. Features such as the Fern peghead inlay, Virzi tone producer, 1-piece backs and Gold hardware made them even more desirable than their earlier incarnations. This instrument was inspired by those later Loars. It features a beautiful 1-piece slab cut sugar maple back with matching sides & neck and Adirondack Spruce Soundboard both sourced from Old Standard Wood Co.  A hand-cut Abalone Fern peghead inlay and all gold plated hardware round out the deluxe look of this Wiens F5.  Stain is all hand applied and topped with french-polished spirit varnish. This instrument is sold.

Wiens F5 #42